Park Bo Young and Ahn Sohee reveals age-defying visuals in their 30s

Actress Park Bo Young recently met Ahn Sohee, making for a powerful visual combination with extreme youthfulness.

On April 14th, Park Bo Young posted a photo taken with Ahn Sohee on her SNS, along with the caption, “I went to Sohee’s channel! It will be uploaded today.”


In the photo, Park Bo Young and Ahn Sohee can be seen posing affectionately together, looking extremely gorgeous side by side.

Particularly, Park Bo Young boasts a lovely visual with her distinctive features, while Ahn Sohee draws attention with her cute appearance. Since the two beauties were basically glowing with youthfulness, it’s hard to believe that both are in their 30s.


Meanwhile, Park Bo Young is scheduled to appear in the Netflix original series “Daily Dose of Sunshine”. In this drama, the actress will assume the role of Da Eun, a nurse who comes to the department of psychiatry for the first time, who later learns about the people there as well as their tear-jerking stories. 

Source: nate

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