BTS members release solo projects in response to hungry fans, except for this one

Can you guess how many times BTS released music in the past year?

BTS is currently the number-one boy band in the world, with a huge fan base everywhere. Debuting in 2013 and going through a lot of difficulties, the boys gradually won over listeners with their unique music. The humanistic message that BTS sends has inspired millions of global audiences. The ARMY community (the group’s fandom name) always supports the seven boys wholeheartedly, helping the group solidify its number one position and gain more and more achievements in the music market.


In response to the fans’ wholehearted support, BTS also proves to be an extremely hardworking group that does not rest on their laurels. Evidence is that when looking back at BTS’s activities in the past year, everyone was surprised by the total number of new releases, including the solo works of the members. 

Specifically as follows:


  • 24/4: With you – Jimin ft. Ha Sung Woon
  • 29/4: That that – PSY ft. SUGA
  • 10/6: Proof – BTS
  • 24/6: Left And Right – Charlie Puth ft. Jungkook
  • 1/7: More – j-hope
  • 15/7: Jack In The Box – j-hope
  • 5/8: Bad Decisions – Benny Blanco, Snoop Dogg, BTS
  • 1/9: Sexy Nukim – Balming Tiger ft. RM
  • 24/9: Rush Hour – Crush ft. j-hope
  • 28/10: The Astronaut – Jin
  • 20/11: Dreamers – Jungkook
  • 2/12: Indigo – RM


  • 13/1: VIBE – Taeyang (BIGBANG) ft. Jimin
  • 3/3: On The Street – j-hope ft. J. Cole
  • 14/3: Smoke Sprite – So!Yoon! ft. RM
  • 17/3: Set Me Free Pt.2 – Jimin
  • 24/3: Album Face, MV Like Crazy – Jimin
  • 7/4: People Pt.2 – SUGA ft. IU
  • 21/4: D-Day – SUGA
Jimin just released a solo album
suga thumbnail
SUGA is also about to release a new album
j hope
j-hope said goodbye to fans before entering the military with an explosive MV
Jin is the first member to enter the military and also has his own album
Leader RM collaborates with many artists
Maknae Jungkook is constantly breaking through the international music market.
V is the only member with fewer music products.

Source: k14

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