aespa’s Giselle criticized for lip-syncing the N word

aespa’s Giselle created a new controversy in “Savage” behind-the-scenes videos

Recently, in the behind-the-scenes video of aespa‘s MV for “Savage”, member Giselle of the group accidentally sang along to a piece of music containing n words.

Han Sun Hwa plays a major role in the popular web-drama “Work Later, Drink Now”

This immediately caused a stir among fans and became a hot topic on social media forums.MYs (the group’s fandom name) are also asking the female idol and the company to make an official statement.

Currently SM has changed the video to private mode.On the other hand, aespa has just made a comeback and is sweeping various music charts with their new song “Savage”, making the group one of the most prominent 4th generation groups

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