Brave Girls, from low-quality goods to abusive managers

Brave Girls, who made the miraculous turn of fame thanks to their fans’ wholehearted support, on the contrary, was embroiled in controversy one after another that they mistreated their fans.

On July 12th, the agency Brave Entertainment released the first goods of Brave Girls and sold them to fans. Fans could not hide their disappointment when they saw the goods, consisting of soju glasses, beer glasses, acrylic stands, and postcard sets.

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If you look at the photos of Brave Girls goods released by the fans themselves, the printed photos of the members were too low-quality. It is known that the Brave Girls soju glass set cost 55,000 won, and the acrylic stand and key ring 17,000 won each.

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It wasn’t just this. Recently, the words and actions of the fan manager, who helps in the communication of Brave Girls and fans, also made fans uncomfortable.

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In June, Brave Girls’ DCInside Gallery fans complained that in the process of supporting sound equipment worth about 50 million won, the fan manager’s unconvincing actions inflicted great pain on them.

One fan said, “In the process of supporting sound equipment such as microphones worth more than 50 million won, I made it clear that in case of an unexpected accident, I will deliver it directly on the spot where I do not face the members, but I was vehemently rejected. In the end, on a hot and humid day, I had to open the boxes one by one on the first floor and inspected each of the supporting equipment.”

The fan also said, “The members who were recording in Yeoksam-dong wanted to see the microphone, so they called the fan manager to ask if they could go there but the fan manager looked at us and said, “Oh, no. There are fans here.” Fans showed disappointment as “Why do you seem to hate us?” and “What did we do wrong?”

Controversy continued as testimonies came out that Brave Girls’ agency managers and fan managers showed a condescending attitude, such as forcibly examining phones of fans who took photos of Brave Girls members.

Brave Girls debuted in 2011, but after frequent replacement of members, they have been active as current members since 2017. The Brave Girls, who had gone through a long anonymous period, faced a crisis of disbandment, but with the enthusiastic support of fans and soldiers, they recorded a miracle of rapid growth in the music industry from February of this year.

Brave Girls fans emphasized that “the relationship between the agency and the fans is not a supreme relationship” and protested that “Even though the agency must care for the artist and maintain the fandom that is the ground of the artist, it is difficult to understand how they treat the fans like this.”

Source: Nate

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