Blood on the car… Dawn and HyunA remain silent following reunion rumors, fans speculate the real meaning behind the posted photo 

Singer Dawn, who remains silent on reunion rumors with HyunA, surprised fans with an ambiguous photo.

On the 28th January, Dawn posted a photo out of context with a capion made solely of two emoticons, a heart and a bandage. The accompanied photo was more surprising as it showed Dawn who supposedly fell onto the top of the car with blood stained on the vehicle and the windshield shattered. 

In response to this ambiguous post, netizens commented, “Is it a music video spoiler?” and expressed anticipation for the new release. This is partly because Dawn previously left a post that said, “New place, new music. Coming soon,” signaling a new activity. On the 27th, News1 also reported that Dawn has signed an exclusive contract with Groovyroom’s new label AREA. 

Edawn mv scene

However, another group of netizens interpreted the emoticons as “a painful heart being healed,” explaining that the emoticons symbolized a reunion with his ex, HyunA. According to latest news, the two was rumored to have got back together but neither side has confirmed the information. 

Dawn and HyunA became a couple in 2016 and went public in 2018. Dawn made a public proposal to HyunA through Instagram and was accepted in the friendly spirit of the public to the relationship. However, they suddenly announced their breakup in November last year, ending their six- to seven-year relationship.

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