Block B U-Kwon to be discharged from the military on Nov 21st

Block B U-Kwon is returning after finishing his military service.

On November 21st, a photo was uploaded on Block B’s official Instagram account with a caption, saying, “Congratulation on Block B’s “sunshine” U-Kwon getting discharged from the military. U-kwon is coming back to BBCs (Block B’s fandom), let’s have more beautiful times in the future together.” The released photo shows U-Kwon saluting after completing his military service.

blockb y-kwon

U-Kwon enlisted as an active-duty soldier through Nonsan Training Center on May 18th last year. In accordance with the Ministry of National Defense’s policy to prevent the spread of the pandemic, starting with his last days off on the 1st of last month, U-Kwon will be discharged from the military on November 21st without having to return to his unit.

U-Kwon debuted as a member of Block B in 2011 and has carried out various activities in both music and drama fields.

blockb y-kwon

Ahead of his enlistment in 2019, U-Kwon appeared on MBC Every1’s show “Video Star” and drew the public’s attention by expressing his thoughts about marrying the girlfriend who he had been dating for 10 years – model Jeon Sun-hye.

blockb y-kwon

At that time, Jeon Sun-hye got U-Kwon emotional by confessing, “You’re always the best person to me. You’re the coolest man and the only one in my eyes. Don’t worry too much. Just as you have been by my side throughout all this time, I will also stay by your side.”

blockb y-kwon girl friend


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