How Lee Chan-hyuk’s complete transformation in music gains support from listeners 

Lee Chan-hyuk, who has been singing about Beyond Freedom, put “death” in the lyrics he sings this time. How does he think about “dying”, which is as important as living?

Lee Chan-hyuk released his first full album “ERROR” on October 17th. He took off the title of the brother and sister duo AKMU and became a solo artist 8 years after his debut.

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“Realizing himself again after his AKMU character died, Chan-hyuk was born again”... Chan-hyuk sang about “Beyond Freedom” ahead of the release of his solo album. It is through the collaboration album “NEXT EPISODE”, which was released in July last year. 

“Beyond Freedom” means inner freedom that is not affected by any environment or condition beyond simply physical comfort and peace. The first track of “NEXT EPISODE” is “Hey kid, Close your eyes” featuring Lee Sun-hee. This song expresses AKMU’s hope that people will always find a way to live even in tough situations and that we can reach any place we want to. Nevertheless, the rather straightforward lyrics reflected the reality as it was, giving a gloomy feel. Instead of prettily wrapped hopes, Lee Chan-hyuk provided greater comfort and relief for listeners by describing the traces of reality as they are. That’s the power of Lee Chan-hyuk’s lyrics.

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You can immerse in AKMU’s music even more when you understand the history of their musical growth. Appearing in front of the public as Akdong Musician on SBS’s “K-pop Star Season 2” more than 10 years ago, Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun caused a sensation in the music industry by presenting songs with witty lyrics and addictive melodies.

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Since then, he seemed to have solidified his position with lovely and lively songs, but he has faced a big inflection point after becoming a part of AKMU. He has achieved internal growth through his accumulated experiences, and based on those, he has released songs with his type of philosophical messages. Listeners can feel the true value of this in “NEXT EPISODE,” which is full of songs that show how he never compromises or gives in, such as “NAKKA,” “Fight,” and “BENCH.”

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However, Lee Chan-hyuk did not stop there but went through another peculiar phase. One of the themes neglected in pop songs these days, “Death,” was brought to the mainstream through his album. His bold writing of the thoughts of death throughout the entire album, not just one song, and the movie-like organic narrative is surprising.

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Lee Chan-hyuk, who suffered a car accident on track 1 “Eyewitness Account,” is taken by an ambulance to the hospital on track 2 “Siren.” In the title track, track 3, “Panorama,” he looks back on himself before death, says goodbye to his ex-lover on track 6, and draws an early funeral with track 11, “Funeral Hope.” The calmly recited death is more meaningful because it perfectly meets Lee Chan-hyuk’s attempt to break all frameworks.

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Lee Chan-hyuk’s mother, who listened to the songs first ahead of the album’s release, said, “Yeah, do whatever you want to do,” after listening to the album. Lee Chan-hyuk continues his special march ahead, and not only his family but also the public applaud his peculiar mind by saying, “Lee Chan-hyuk, do whatever you want.”

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