BLACKPINK’s new MV teaser theories: Continuation of Kill This Love, Jisoo transforms into the Goddess of Justice?

The MV teaser for “How You Like That” was released on the morning of June 24, making netizens all over the world excited.

 The MV teaser for “How You Like That” has just been released on June 24th and has gained massive attention. Not only falling for the aura of Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, fans are also immediately fascinated by the hidden meanings implied in this teaser. Because of having waited too long for this comeback, BLACKPINK fans have analyzed the teaser carefully, not missing any detail.

 Let’s see what we can discover from this teaser?

 The teaser begins with the appearance of a mysterious temple and many flickering flames. This scene immediately makes the audience think of the concept in “Kill This Love”, also inspired by Greek Mythology. Is “How You Like That” a continuation of “Kill This Love”? The answer seems to be yes because from what was shown in the teaser, YG did not hide the intention to put on BLACKPINK girls the concept of ancient Greek Goddesses.

In the teaser, Jisoo caught attention with eyes completely covered with a silk blindfold studded with flowers. This immediately reminds the audience of the Greek Goddess of Justice – Themis, whose Roman name is Justitia, which is also the origin of the word “Justice” in English today. The symbol of the goddess is the famous scales of justice and a sword to protect the truth.

 The Goddess of Justice being blindfolded is to show that justice is completely non-discriminatory to anyone, before the judgment of Justice, everyone is equal. The goddess of justice also can not see anyone’s identity to ensure the highest fairness of her judgment.

 Who is the giant statue hanging in the air?

One of the most impressive details of the ancient temple is a statue hanging from above. Upon closer inspection, the audience can feel the power and mystery emanated from the statue: the sculpture has lost its top and bottom parts, the wings are wide open, instead of feathers, the wings comprise of what look like sharp pointed swords. This sculpture reminds people of the Goddess of Victory Nike in ancient Greek civilization.

Nike is the Goddess symbolizing victory and glory, whose Roman name is Victoria. In some legends, she is considered the granddaughter of the God of the Sea Poseidon, in some versions she is the daughter of the God of War Ares.  She usually did not participate in the war directly, but rather symbolized victory.

 Nike is a winged goddess holding a laurel wreath in her hand. She is often depicted as a small woman perched on the hand of Lord Zeus – King of Gods, sometimes on the hands of Goddess Athena – Goddess of Wisdom and Craftsmanship. The statue of Zeus in Olympia – one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world – is depicted with Goddess Nike standing on Zeus’s right hand.

 However, even though it is a statue of the Goddess of Victory, the way it was shown in the teaser evokes the feeling of mourning and horror. The statue even had its head and legs cut off, seeming to convey the message opposite to “victory” – is this a hint for the “defeat” and “suffering” BLACKPINK girls will face in “How You Like That” MV?

All in all, theories are just speculations, they can be right, can be wrong, but for now, BLACKPINK’s fandom has filled the Internet with their own speculations about every detail in the series of teaser posters and videos. All mysteries will be uncovered on June 26, when the music video “How You Like That” is officially released.

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