Korean netizens argued fiercely about the similarities between the two PRODUCE 101 winners

Both have common points that may cause some difficulties for them during the upcoming music career.

Jeon Somi and Kang Daniel are indeed no stranger to K-Pop fans in the recent years, especially after them coming out of the survival program Produce 101 which selected 11 best idols to create an idol group. However, that is not the only thing in common between 2 winners of 2 seasons.

1. The winner of Produce 101


Jeon Somi won the top position in Produce 101 season 1. At that time, the name of a 16-year-old female idol became a hot topic with a series of fansites. Somi opened up the new path from the show thanks to working as an I.O.I member and later choosing to go solo. Many people are sure that Somi will be able to succeed in the near future with her own talents and support of her fans at the time.


Kang Daniel was also the hottest name in the last 2 years because right from the beginning of the program, he showed fans his perseverance and efforts. After receiving the final result as the # 1 spot of Produce 101 season 2, Kang Daniel received more attention after working with Wanna One – one of the most popular and successful boy groups.

2. Have an issue with the management company


However, after stopping the contract with I.O.I, fans thought that Somi will return to JYP and debut with the new girl group. On the morning of August 20, 2018, many K-Pop fans were surprised by the news that Jeon Somi – the most outstanding trainee JYP Entertainment decided to end the exclusive contract with this company. JYP posted the announcement on the company’s homepage: “We discussed carefully with Somi and came to a general decision about terminating her contract. We sincerely thank our fans for having supported our artists in the past “.


Although Somi later officially chose Black Label as her final company, many people suspected that she had a problem with the former company JYP. On the other hand, if Somi did not leave, the female idol would definitely “debut” with the current girl group ITZY. Somi’s debut time has been announced to all fans, therefore, netizens believe that Somi will be successful but it will definitely be a long process for her to have a profound experience of her music career.


Kang Daniel is the name most expected after the end of his contract with Wanna One. But no one could have thought that a “national center” like Kang Daniel is gradually fading away from the previous popularity. The main reason is due to the male idol company management. Kang Daniel said LM Entertainment did not support him with the right to use social media to communicate with fans and did not give him a single promotion for 3 months since the guy ended his contract with Wanna One.


Although LM Entertainment’s representative said it was a misunderstanding between them and the artist and promised to solve the problem in the most thoughtful way, this explanation is still not satisfactory amidst the incident. So many people think that Kang Daniel will probably terminate his contract with LM and may have to spend a lot of time just like what Jeon Somi went through.

Many people have left comments regarding the case of two winners of the two seasons of Produce 101. Currently, the post is gaining the attention of KPop fans:

“But Somi is preparing for her solo very well.”

“Before Somi left JYP, she was ready to sign her own CF contract and even became an MC.”

“Why would you compare Jeon Somi with him?”

“Leave Somi alone, she doesn’t do anything.”

“Stop mentioning Somi in these kinds of posts.”

“Both cases are different so don’t compare Somi and Kang Daniel.”

Daniel‘s case is due to the fact that the management company does not know how to help him talk to fans and doesn’t announce his activities, but for Somi, it is definitely unilateral termination of the contract because of something between her and JYP.”

Source: tinnhac

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