BLACKPINK’s most questionable outfits that make fans think the girls did something wrong to their stylists 

BLACKPINK has always been famous fashion-wise, but there are still times their outfits draw mixed reactions. 

BLACKPINK is the most well-known female idol group when it comes to fashion and style. However, there are still times the members were dressed in outfits that deeply confused fans and caused their stylists to face criticism. 

BLACKPINK is not always well-dressed

Since BLACKPINK’s debut, Lisa has stood out with her doll-like visuals and surreal body proportions. Her bone structure never fails to amaze. Therefore, Lisa easily rocks various stylings. However, fans are still mad at the stylist for continuously making Lisa wear odd clothing pieces. 

In the newly released BLACKPINK 2022 Welcoming Collection, while the other members got to put on gorgeous dresses like princesses, Lisa was dressed in a boring one-piece that looks like a pajama dress. Her stunning figure is not given justice in a dress like this. 

Fans claim Lisa's visual and charisma hard carry this dress
Fans claim Lisa’s visual and charisma hard carry this dress 

Jennie is labeled Kpop’s It girl and fashion icon. Every time Jennie appears with a new style, she creates a trend. However, there are still times BLACKPINK’s stylist did Jennie “dirty”. 

Blackpink Jennie
Wearing a babydoll outside a turtleneck top makes Jennie look less classy than usual 

The stylist always dresses Jennie in expensive designer clothes, but the outfits can still be hit or miss. Jennie once went on stage wearing a satin pink minidress that looks somewhat cheesy. Or when she was said to look like a shuttlecock because she was wearing an overly short white babydoll in a no-pants style. 

The stylists of BLACKPINK often give Rose dresses with striking color combinations, but they aren’t always successful in showing off Rose’s gorgeous visuals. The female idol used to go on stage wearing full pink or bright yellow outfits.

Not stopping there, Rosé is also often given flowery outfits with a cumbersome styling. These designs help the female idol stand out under the stage’s light but they look quite cheesy in pictures. If it weren’t for her charisma and gorgeous visuals, she would have been in many awkward situations with these weird dresses.

Blackpink Rose
This model of Rosé’s dress reminds many people of a tablecloth.  (Photo: Pinterest)

Jisoo’s Miss-Korea-like visual has been well-known by the public since her debut days. The female idol stands out everywhere she goes thanks to her undefeated beauty. Like her fellow group members, Jisoo can’t avoid being given weird clothes chosen by her stylists.

Blackpink Jisoo
The material and design of the dress reveals Jisoo’s flaws. (Photo: Pinterest)

Jisoo has a beautiful face and a well-proportioned body. However, for some reason, Jisoo has had to suffer many times due to the weird choices of outfits of her stylists. 

Appearing at the Paris Fashion Week 2022, Jisoo continued to “suffer” by her stylist’s choice of clothes. The female idol also had an old, straight hairstyle, making Jisoo’s fans want YG to immediately replace the stylist crew.

Jisoo attended the Dior event but was not taken care of by her stylist. (Photo: Dior)

Their beauty and aura are all top-notch but BLACKPINK’s members can’t always carry out the stylist’s outfit ideas.  Netizens hope that in the near future, BLACKPINK will be prepared with more thoughtful outfits that can fully show off all their gorgeousness.

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