From ITZY to HyunA and Zico, artists who are about to make this summer even hotter with their comebacks 

Expectations are high for the upcoming summer comebacks of these K-pop stars. 

In the midst of the July comeback battle that heats up the summer of 2022, new songs with unique charm and different vibes are getting ready to be released. ITZY, STAYC, HyunA, Zico, and more, have been confirmed to join the comeback lineup this July and promise to add firepower to the summer comeback battle.

ITZY will release their new mini album “CHECKMATE” at 1 PM KST on July 15. Capturing the hearts of Gen Z fans with their colorful charms that go back and forth between hip and youthful, ITZY is returning with a new song after about 10 months.

ITZY’s title track “SNEAKERS” is a song that compares sneakers with a special pledge to move forward freely and do whatever you want without minding other people’s gaze and a pleasant message of “Let’s go anywhere together”.

ITZY raises expectations for a comeback with a trendy and energetic dance song that will cool off the hot summer. According to ITZY, “SNEAKERS” is a song that makes fans feel free and want to shake their shoulders when they listen to it. 

Another 4th gen girl group, STAYC, who shows a different charm every time they make a comeback, has also jumped into the comeback battle this July. STAYC will make a comeback on July 19 with their 3rd single album “WE NEED LOVE”.

From “SO BAD”, “ASAP”, “STEREOTYPE”, to “RUN2U”, STAYC has released back-to-back hit songs and established themselves as one of the representative 4th gen girl groups. STAYC’s upcoming album marks their 1st release after about 5 months since the 2nd mini album “Young-LUV.COM”, which came out in February.

STAYC’s new album “WE NEED LOVE” will show the members’ outstanding visuals with bold transformations as well as the group’s musical color that goes beyond limits. It is filled with energetic tracks based on the identity of the six members.

Singer HyunA, who is dubbed “K-pop’s summer queen”, has also finished preparing to heat up the summer with her comeback. With this new album, HyunA is making her 1st solo comeback in a year and 6 months since the mini-album “I’m Not Cool” released in January last year.

In HyunA’s 8th mini-album “Navillera” that will be dropped on July 20, the title track “Navillera” is a song written by HyunA herself, her company P-Nation’s CEO Psy and boyfriend Dawn. Fans are looking forward to seeing the style and performance HyunA will show with her unrivaled aura this summer.

With a unique concept, Purple Kiss is making a high-speed comeback after only 4 months. Purple Kiss will release their 4th mini album “Geekyland” at 6 PM KST on July 25.

Purple Kiss, who showed their original “Perky Witch” concept through their previous song “memeM”, unfolds an upgraded version of this concept through the new album. Their title song “Nerdy” conveys a bold message that represents all the geeks in the world: “No matter what anyone says, I drew a special story of loving me more than anyone, and living my life like myself, in my own style.

Purple Kiss has been loved by global fans for their unique concept and identity through each album, and so is expected to show even further musical growth with upgraded storytelling.

TAN will also make a comeback with a new song right after ending their promotions. In particular, the group returned on June 21 with their 2nd mini album “W SERIES ‘2TAN (wish ver)” and have been actively promoting their title song “Louder”. On July 10, right as their promotions ended, the group announced their new comeback on the SBS music program “Inkigayo”.

TAN, who will release their new album “W SERIES ‘2TAN (we ver)” on July 26, plans to expand their music color even further. In particular, the new title song “Walking on the moon”, was written by members Juan, Jaejun, Hyunyeop, Taehoon, and Jisung, raising expectations for the new story they will tell and their musical capabilities.

Meanwhile, music producer and rapper Zico, makes netizens excited after revealing he’s finally making a comeback after a long time. According to the rapper, he will release his 4th mini album “Grown Ass Kid” on July 27. It has been two years since Zico’s 3rd mini-album “RANDOM BOX”, which was released in July 2020, prior to his military service.

As Zico has previously produced various hits, including “Any Song”, “Summer Hate”, “HUMAN”, and “Soulmate”, a lot of attention is being paid to his new music. Zico is also producing the entire album this time, and has taken care of all procedures, from lyrics writing, composing, to arranging.

ATEEZ is also starting their final preparations to show explosive energy on stage, having announced their new album “THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT”, scheduled to release on July 29.

“THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT” is an album that captures the movement of ATEEZ, who speaks of change towards a uniform world. In this new comeback, ATEEZ will continue to show a concept more powerful than ever, assuming the role of those who will move the world.

ATEEZ’s title song “Guerrilla” follows people dreaming to change a controlled society where they cannot feel emotions such as love, sadness, and joy. The song will contain strong beats, movement, and a delicious psychedelic sound that perfectly portrays the intense energy of ATEEZ.

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