Blackpink’s Jisoo Discovers Life Lessons While Making Soufflé: ‘Sometimes You Need to Stop’

Blackpink’s Jisoo brightened up her day while learning a valuable life lesson while making soufflé pancakes.

On the 28th, Jisoo’s YouTube channel, ‘Happy Index 103%,’ uploaded a video titled “BAKING ONE DAY CLASS.”

jisoo blackpink

In the video, Jisoo is seen attending a baking class to learn how to make soufflé pancakes. She expressed, “I had these pancakes in Japan and they were so delicious that I searched for recipes on YouTube. When I tried making them at home, they didn’t turn out as fluffy,” and laughed.

First, the instructor demonstrated how to make the soufflé pancakes. Jisoo transformed into an enthusiastic and diligent student, stating, “I love eating whipped cream and soufflé pancakes.”

jisoo blackpink

After tasting the instructor’s soufflé pancakes, Jisoo said with concern, “It’s so delicious. I wonder if mine will turn out like this.” She then said, “People who have a good sense of taste are said to be good at cooking, right?” and treated the viewers to a delightful pancake mukbang.

Next, Jisoo confidently opened her own baking class and focused on making the soufflé pancakes. She faced the terrifying task of making meringue, and though there was a moment of challenge, Jisoo happily exclaimed, “It’s perfect!” after achieving a well-formed meringue. With a considerably convincing visual, she completed the dough and started baking it. As the pancakes were cooking, she expressed, “I think it’s already a success,” and the instructor praised her, saying, “I was worried earlier, but they turned out better than expected.”

jisoo blackpink

When Jisoo tasted the finished soufflé pancakes, she remarked, “The ones I had a while ago were more delicious,” and then jokingly said, “I’m not feeling light. I must have mixed the meringue too much. Sometimes, in life, there are times when you need to stop, right?” and brought laughter once again. She then explained the key points to note while making the soufflé pancakes and concluded the class by saying, “Nevertheless, they taste great,” showing her enjoyment throughout the lesson.

jisoo blackpink

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