BLACKPINK’s Jennie talks about a special friend who she wants to give a gift to this Christmas

BLACKPINK’s Jennie exuded a warm atmosphere with her aspect of caring for other people around her.

On Oct 28th, a video titled “Who does Jennie want to give a present to this Christmas?” was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the fashion magazine “W KOREA”.

In the video, when asked, “Do you have a certain standard when you choose gifts for someone?”, Jennie replied, “I really like buying gifts. I get more excited to buy gifts for others than when I buy something for myself. I think about the person I want to buy a gift for. I think about their usual preferences. I also think about what would suit that person if they had or wore something a lot on a normal basis, so if a special day is coming up, I find it fun to hide the gift until the end and give it to them like ‘tada~’.”

Subsequently, she received a question saying, “What would you like to give your loved ones this Christmas?” Jennie showed her meticulous side, “I’ll think about it for my friend. I have a close friend who seems not to be in good health these days. So, I was thinking that I could give them vitamins or other health supplements to strengthen their immunity. So, I’ll go with vitamins.”

Meanwhile, Jennie drew attention in February when she was embroiled in dating rumors with Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon, who is under the same agency YG Entertainment as her.

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