BLACKPINK’s Jennie looked super hot in new photos, but actually struggled behind the scenes!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie may look effortlessly attractive on her Instagram photos, but behind footage showed a whole different story. 

May has barely started, but Jennie is already heating up the scene with her new summer look. The idol’s new photos have received over one million likes on Instagram, and she also treated the audience’s eyes with a whole vlog about her fun, whimsy, and hot day in the beautiful island of Hawaii. 

However, behind Jennie’s super sexy and alluring photoshoot is a much harsher reality. To capture those perfect snaps, Jennie had to plan out everything from location to poses. Turns out, the idol, like most of us, struggled to get the best shot, and also had to avoid waves while posing. From the vlog, fans of Jennie felt even more endeared, and find their favorite artist all the more relatable. 

Jennie visited Hawaii in her latest vlog.
The idol took time to find a nice place to take photos, and the journey to there was extreme!
Behind Jennie’s glamorous photos were a whole lot of effort and climbing. She even had to crawl into a hole for the best pictures!
After reaching the place, it was time to admire Jennie’s poses and perfect sexy physique. However, when the waves hit her, the idol immediately stood up to avoid messing up her outfit. The idol really went from sexy to cute in the blink of an eye. 
It seems that even the queen of Instagram struggled to get the perfect shot.
Another angle highlighted the idol’s face. Her glowing skin, light makeup, and sharp facial features totally had fans swooning. 
Jennie even managed to look stunning in this overhead angle. 


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