BLACKPINK Lisa fans hired an airplane to welcome Lisa to the Philippines

The impressive project done by fans of Lisa for BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK concert in Bulacan, the Philippines, is drawing massive attention. 

On March 25th, BLACKPINK will perform a concert at The Philippine Arena, the world’s largest indoor arena, which is situated in Bulacan, the Philippines. Therefore, in order to welcome BLACKPINK, fan communities in the nation have prepared a lot of projects to welcome each member. 


Most eye-catching of all, however, was the fan project prepared for BLACKPINK Lisa, which was prepared with the joint collaboration of TeamLisaPH and LISANATIONS.  

In particular, the two fan communities pooled their funds to make a Lisa mascot called LALI, as well as hired an airplane to display the message, “PH WELCOMES THE GREAT LALISA” on the sky. 

With such a large-scale project, fans of Lisa around the area can see the message from everywhere, and cannot help but be deeply impressed. 


It is also known that “PH WELCOMES THE GREAT LALISA” has also started trending on SNS platform Twitter, both on a worldwide scale and in the Philippines.

With this, it is impossible to deny the impressive impact of Lisa and of BLACKPINK as a whole in the Philippines. 


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