“I’m makin’ my way”… ITZY shows their confident step forward with the comeback song “SNEAKERS”

Girl group ITZY has returned with a summer song that suits the taste of Gen Z music fans.

ITZY released their new mini-album “CHECKMATE” and the MV of their title song “SNEAKERS” at 1 p.m on July 15th.

The title track “SNEAKERS” with ITZY’s unique bold image and energetic melody aims at Gen Z listeners’ music taste this summer. The song expresses the pleasant message “Let’s go anywhere together” through the image of sneakers and ITZY’s determination to follow their heart and move forward freely regardless of people’s gaze.


ITZY improved the completeness of the song by reuniting with GALACTIKA, the music production team who made ITZY’s hit songs, such as “DALLA DALLA”, “WANNABE”, and “LOCO”, and joining hands with Swedish composer Sebastian Thott, who produced the track “Mirror” in their first full album “CRAZY IN LOVE”.

Right from the very first lines – “I’m offbeat and I like that. Worries are already done, done. I’m sorry if you can’t handle this. But that’s not my fault, no/ Told ya I don’t care at all. Deal with it, I’m here to stay on a different level”, ITZY has shown their willingness to freely move on their own path without caring about how people look at them.


“The party ain’t started, I only walked through the door. Trailer’s got you pumped yeah. My best is yet to come/ Call me crazy, call me trouble or you can call me weirdo, imma make this clear though. I got all I need to make it through. It’s all about that attitude you know what I’m saying”… The confidence that the best moment of ITZY has not come yet harmonizes the girl group’s unique music color.

“Don’t know how far we’ll go but we’ll move forward boldly as soon as we start” is the message that connects to the team’s identity ITZY has kept since their debut. The trendy melody targeting Gen Z’s taste in this summer season and the lively atmosphere of the song goes well with ITZY’s healthy and refreshing charms.

The music video, which shows how the value of freedom is awakened through ‘SNEAKERS’, adds more fun to the song by capturing the presence of ITZY members, who are taking a big step toward a better future.

Source: Daum

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