BLACKPINK Jisoo has been watching Ahn Bo Hyun for a long time? Even an avid fan?

A video interview from Marie Claire Korea has been gaining attention after Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun’s dating news. 

On August 3rd, BLACKPINK Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun’s respective agencies, YG Entertainment and FN Entertainment, confirmed that the couple are in a romantic relationship. 

jisoo blackpink ahn bo hyun

Along with this, various information surrounding the two, such as their commonality and shared interests, have emerged. Accordingly, it is re-discovered that BLACKPINK Jisoo has been watching Ahn Bo Hyun for a long time.

In particular, back in September 2022, a video titled “Is there still TMI that Blink doesn’t know?? BLACKPINK Jisoo’s soul food at a filming site” was published on the YouTube channel “Marie Claire Korea”. 

Here, Jisoo had a quick interview with magazine Marie Claire, and revealed that she is an avid fan of “Yumi’s Cells” – a K-drama that stars Ahn Bo Hyun. 

“I have been a fan since the webtoon and looked forward to it when it was made into a drama. I enjoyed it until season 2”, the female idol said when asked about her favorite movie or drama at the time. 

Meanwhile, in the drama adaptation of “Yumi’s Cells”, which premiered in 2021, Ahn Bo Hyun assumed the role of Goo Woong – the male lead in Season 1. 

Source: LSB, Nate

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