Shin Se Kyung Embraces Being Called ‘Scary Person’ in a Meme with Positivity

Shin Se Kyung talked about a meme about herself.

On September 10th, a video titled ‘Actor Lee Jun Ki & Shin Se Kyung Chemistry, Is It Really…?! From Recent Updates to Behind the Scenes of the Drama ‘Arthdal Chronicals: Sword of Aramoon” was released on Channel Allure Korea.

On that day, Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung had a candid Q&A session with questions sent by fans.

Shin Se Kyung was asked, “How do you feel when people say you’re a scary person, Se Kyung-ssi?”

Shin Se Kyung Embraces Being Called 'Scary Person'

She responded, “I actually like it. Being called Se Kyung-ssi makes me feel respected. Besides, it was portrayed humorously in the sitcom, so I think of it very positively,” and she smiled.

Shin Se Kyung Embraces Being Called 'Scary Person'

When Lee Jun Ki asked, “Do you hear such comments in your daily life too?” Shin Se Kyung replied, “Not many in real life, mostly on the internet.”

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