TWICE Sana’s Glowing Success in 2023

Sana has continuously left fans in awe by becoming an ambassador for numerous major brands.

Sana is one of the hottest members of TWICE, with a large and devoted fanbase. The Japanese idol has made a strong impression since her debut with her beauty, elegance, and captivating charisma. She has gained even more popularity by becoming one of the most sought-after members of JYP Entertainment’s girl group, consistently serving as the ambassador for numerous renowned brands.

Notably, in just 2023 alone, Sana has left fans in awe of her influence in the fields of fashion, makeup, and jewelry. The beloved star became the first and only regional ambassador for the “royal” jewelry brand Graff, the “YSL Beauty Japan muse,” a Missha ambassador, and a global ambassador for eSpoir. Recently, her appointment as the ambassador for Prada has raised high expectations for her future endeavors in the fashion world alongside the Italian luxury fashion house.

Sana continues to represent many prestigious brands in the beauty and jewelry industries. Despite not being the official visual member of TWICE, she is consistently chosen by numerous major players in the fashion and beauty industries. Notably, compared to Tzuyu, who is the designated visual member of the group, Sana has been gaining more attention and opportunities within the fashion and beauty realms. While Tzuyu has recently become an ambassador for the domestic Korean brand ZOOC, she has yet to venture into the world of high-end fashion.

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