BLACKPINK Jisoo and Rosé supposedly hint at BLACKPINK’s future as a group, YG Entertainment takes flak for alleged media play

YG Entertainment is accused of media play after BLACKPINK Jisoo and Rosé sent cryptic messages during livestreams. 

On August 8, BLACKPINK Jisoo and Rosé unexpectedly turned on livestream to interact with fans on the group’s 7th debut anniversary. Fans believe the idols were dropping clues about BLACKPINK’s future. 

blackpink jisoo rose

In her livestream, Jisoo shared that she was more excited about the 8th anniversary of the group, prompting fans to believe BLACKPINK would continue their activities together. 

Rosé was more general in her message, saying, “I’m so grateful for every single one of you guys… for everyone who is watching, thank you so much for supporting BLACKPINK for the past seven years and more years to go, super grateful…” 

From the two livestreams, fans speculate that BLACKPINK would continue working as a group. They also believe that all four members already renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment. 

The speculation prompts negative responses from netizens toward the entertainment company. They believe the company is delaying making any announcement as part of a marketing tactic to generate hype. At the moment, fans are growing more anxious and impatient for a final announcement. 

Netizens took jabs at YG for prolonging the wait time for a final announcement about BLACKPINK’s future 

However, some netizens remain skeptical. They suggest Rosé and Jisoo may move on with other companies while still working as members of BLACKPINK. YG may be having a hard time reaching a final agreement with all four members; hence, they cannot make any announcement about the future of BLACKPINK. 

Source: KB 

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