The audience blamed YGX leader Lee Jung after the hottest contestant of Street Woman Fighter was eliminated

The audience could not expect the hottest beauty of the current Street Woman Fighter – Noze to leave too soon with her teammates.

Street Woman Fighter episode broadcast on the evening of September 14 surprised many Knets when the show eliminated team WayB led by Noze. Specifically, the 4 teams with the lowest scores include WayB, HolyBang, WANT, and CocaNButter. The team with the highest score is YGX who has the right to appoint WayB to face CocaNButter to decide the group to stay. In the end, WayB could not win and had to sadly leave.


This result surprised the audience because Noze – the back dancer girl in EXO Kai’s song ‘Mmmh’ and was extremely hot because of her beautiful visual and talent was suddenly eliminated. Thought she would be the viewing rod for the show, but Mnet took a step that made many fans unable to react.


Commenting on this part of WayB’s confrontation with CocaNButter, netizens said that Noze had to carry the whole team, the choreography was quite good, but the team was not fit when playing. Another thing that made viewers think that the group had to leave because Mnet was so focused on exploiting Noze that the remaining members lacked the opportunity to perform. What people remember and talk about during the broadcast about WayB is just Noze’s beauty:

  • Everyone commented that they regret not seeing the beautiful Noze on the show anymore, but it’s more unfortunate that we can’t see the other members show much. Team WayB is really good but unrecognized, LeeSu, Gyurian are all impressive but it’s a pity. If Mnet keeps playing this kind of game, it will only make the people and participating teams feel sad and sorry.
  • Noze alone can’t defeat CocaNButter’s whole team, they are too strong to compete.

In addition, there were many comments blaming Lee Jung – the leader of YGX for choosing WayB when it was clear that battle was CocaNButter’s strength. This issue is causing fans on both sides to have back-and-forth arguments. “Don’t blame Lee Jung,” one account stated, “And you should accept that the individual who is eliminated is not always a worse one. It is important to have luck in every game. Competence is an important factor, but luck is also necessary.”


After the last episode ended, Noze posted a message on her personal Instagram account to send love to the audience and her teammates: “Everyone, thank you for supporting me. It was a great opportunity that would help us grow up stronger. To the members of WAY B, who always followed my lead without complaining, thank you so much. You did a great job. This is not the end. Let’s take this as a solid base and fly even higher.”


NOZE has become famous after appearing in “Street Woman Fighter” as the leader of WAYB crew. Previously known as Kai’s backup dancer, she showed off explosive performances with her perfect visual and outstanding skills. With more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, she is currently as hot as a celebrity. Noze once won the center position in the Leader task. Therefore, the fact that Noze was soon eliminated made many viewers regret.

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