BLACKPINK Jennie is getting more “Western” overtime? Mixed reactions from Korean netizens 

As Jennie is reaching insane popularity in the West, it seems that her style and appearance is also growing more Western.

It has been 6 years since BLACKPINK’s debut, and each member has undergone massive changes in their style. For Jennie in particular, her style is leaning toward a more Western vibe, leading to certain mixed reactions among Korean netizens. 

jennie debut
BLACKPINK Jennie when she first debuted
Overtime, her makeup style has changed drastically 

In fact, the change in Jennie’s fashion and makeup style has led to a hot debate on a Korean online forum, where netizens pointed out that Jennie is growing more “Western”, “American”, and somewhat “rebellious”.

Initially, when she first debuted with BLACKPINK, Jennie adopted a cutie sexy style, with a natural Korean makeup style that earned her praise from Korean netizens. 

Jennie adopted a more sweet and natural makeup style early in her career
blackpink jennie yellow outfit
Both of Jennie’s fashion and makeup at the time were catered for the Korean taste
Jennie directly participated in directing the stage, showing the female singer's enthusiasm for the livestream concert THE SHOW.
“Cutie Sexy” is a keyword synonymous with Jennie’s name

Even in her airport appearance, Jennie takes it simple with large tees, baggy pants, or casual crop top. Her fashion sense is thus always hailed in Korea. 

Jennie’s half bun that used to trend in Korea
In Jennie’s wardrobe are countless of expensive sneakers. Not long ago, she has chosen a pair from Alexander Wang (right) to accompany her to the airport.
The female idol never fails to boast her outstanding fashion sense

However, as Jennie’s popularity extends outside of Korea, she also becomes a darling of the fashion world, and often travels abroad to Europe and America to attend fashion events. 

Jennie’s style in Europe always become a hot topic
The female idol are extremely fond of short crop-top

As a result, the fashion, make up, and photo styles of Jennie start to change. Instead of Korea’s sweeter tones, Jennie turns to smokey and bolder makeup. Her clothes also become more and more rebellious with adventurous cutouts that highlight her physique.

Jennie’s bold choice of outfit made headlines in Korea
jennie chanel
Jennie’s latest photoshoot with W, which boasts an extremely “Western” vibe, drew mixed reactions from Koreans
The female idol is slowly changing towards a bolder style
As a result, several netizens started to complain, saying they prefer “the old Jennie”
The female idol also transformed drastically in her daily life 

While it is obvious that Jennie has undergone changes in her styles over the years, it is necessary for a big fashion star like Jennie to take risks in fashion. Despite some of her looks drawing criticisms, Jennie is still undeniable a trendsetter and fashion icon. 

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