BLACKPINK Jennie further criticized for performing suggestive and sexualized dance moves

BLACKPINK Jennie is under fire for another shocking dance sequence.

On June 18, “The Idol” aired the third episode called “Daybreak” on HBO. In the opening scene, Tedros (The Weeknd) brought Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) out for shopping and they had sex at the back of the car while the assistant – Leia (Rachel) – was driving the car. When Tedros picked out revealing outfits for Jocelyn to try on, he did not forget to threaten the staff when he kept gazing at her.

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While Jocelyn was madly in love, Dyanne (Jennie Ruby Jane) was busy replacing her and shooting for the “World Class Sinner” MV. Jennie continued causing a stir when she and a male dancer performed suggestive choreography onstage. The touching between them was regarded as “inappropriate”, according to viewers. At the same time, Jennie and the backup dancers in the scene were dressed in provocative clothes with too many bold cutouts, upsetting the audience. Since the first episode, Jennie’s dancing scenes have been involved in numerous controversies for their explicit choreographies.

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One review stated, “The inclusion of Jennie Kim‘s Dyanne (credited as Jennie Ruby Jane) without context or dialogue seems like a ploy to use Kim’s star power in a gross way without giving her the opportunity to be a full character”. Therefore, Dyanne has not been able to connect with the viewers outside of the explicit scenes and ensuing controversies.

In the previous episode, Jocelyn had to drop out of the filming for “World Class Sinner” due to health problems. At that moment, Dyanne stepped in and was ready to be her substitute. Recognizing her ability, Nikki offered to make Dyanne a star.

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In the third episode, “The Idol” continues receiving criticisms for suggestive choreography, unreasonable explicit contents, and missed potential.

Jennie joined the dancing of a shocking performance in the third episode of “The Idol”

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