The first brand filed a lawsuit against Kris Wu following his shocking scandal

The ‘Vatti’ brand did not receive compensation from Kris Wu, so it filed a lawsuit against the male singer

The first brand filed a lawsuit against Kris Wu following his shocking scandal

On November 1, Sina reported that Kris Wu was sued by Vatti company for a contract dispute. The actor was the visual representative of this household appliance brand. During the cooperation period, however, he was embroiled in a big scandal that tarnished Vatti’s reputation. The brand claimed it had suffered significant financial losses as a result of having to rebuild its entire advertising campaign.

According to Sina, Vatti has contacted Wu Yifan’s side several times in the last three months to request compensation, but has received no response. As a result, they decided to file a lawsuit. This is the first Wu Yifan-related brand to have to rely on the law to protect its rights. The trial will take place on November 22.

In mid-August, the male artist was also asked to pay an investment fee and compensate for economic losses totaling 1.6 million USD by an event organization. To date, it is unclear who will take over Kris Wu’s case now that his company has closed and his relatives are unable to be contacted.

Wu Yifan is currently being held in Chaoyang District Prison, Beijing.  He was accused of raping minors.  Police have yet to release the results of the new investigation.

According to Sina, Wu Yifan will be required to pay up to $77 million to brands and film producers. In which, a total of 15 brands terminated contracts with him ahead of time. The producer of “The Golden Hairpin” is struggling to find a way to “save” the work. The drama was made on a large scale, with a budget of 500 million yuan.

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