BLACKPINK holds the record of having the most viewed MV teaser in the first 24 hours for a Kpop girlgroup

 BLACKPINK had a nice start with just a teaser before officially entering the intense YouTube view race on June 26.

 2 days before the comeback, BLACKPINK released the MV teaser of “How You Like That” and made viewers fascinated by the sound, epic scenes and members’ visuals.  As expected of the top Kpop girl group, the MV teaser of BLACKPINK is only 19 seconds but has already set a new record, once again strengthening the title of “YouTube queen” of 4 girls.

 After 24 hours of release, “How You Like That” MV teaser has reached 11.5 million views and 1.9 million likes on YouTube, surpassing 8.4 million views and 1.1 million likes BLACKPINK set for “Kill This Love” teaser in April 2019.

Thanks to that, “How You Like That” holds the record of having the most viewed MV teaser in the first 24 hours for a Kpop girlgroup. The record for Kpop artist still belongs to BTS and the second teaser of the MV “Boy With Luv” (16 million views).

 In addition, all “How You Like That” teasers have surpassed 90 million views.  BLACKPINK earned this number in just 7 days, since Jennie and Rosé started the teaser series on June 18.

“How You Like That” MV Teaser not only helps BLACKPINK top Kpop girlgroups in terms of views but also dominates the top trending on Youtube.  After more than a day, this video still ranks 1st place on top global trending and is still trending in 73 countries and territories.

The new MV teaser of BLACKPINK even topped the US trending, ranked 2nd in the UK and No. 4 in Korea.  

The achievements that “How You Like That” teaser MV gained before the comeback is the dream of many Kpop idols. This is also a good headstart for BLINKs before the official MV release on the afternoon of June 26 to earn the record of the most viewed MV in the first 24 hours. 

Meanwhile, YG has recently revealed that “The pre-release title track ‘How You Like That’ will be a hip-hop song full of BLACKPINK’s unique and charismatic sound. The vocals and drop part(s), that build up according to the changes in emotions, will leave an impression.”

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