Billboard’s compliment for Twice: “Cheerful sound to the world.”

Twice has recently had a comeback with a new song called “Dance the night away,” and has received a favourable compliment from Billboard for their cheerful music.

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On July 12th, Billboard posted an article mentioning Twice’s new album Summer Nights with the title song “Dance the night away” and their influence to KPOP.

Billboard introduced Twice as a great example of how they make their own fresh music appeal to fans all over the world and added, “With a reported 20 million views earned in the video’s first 24 hours out on a global platform like YouTube, there is much to indicate this is connecting the group to new audiences and listeners.

Billboard also emphasized the group’s influence to KPOP by saying, “ In fact, depending on the success of “Dance the Night Away” — which we’ll be able to see next Tuesday when the charts refresh on Billboard — it could set a template for how K-pop acts could consider shaping their releases.

On July 13th , Twice performed “Dance the night away” in KBS’ 2TV’s “Music Bank” and are planning to bring the song to more music programs such as MBC’s “Music Core” today and SBS’s “Inkigayo” this upcoming July 15th.

Sources: xportsnews

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