Billboard made Black Pink’s fan got into a “civil war” by overestimating Jennie and saying Lisa had a “boring dance”

Many fans of Lisa claimed that YG continued to rely on relationships to ‘lift’ Jennie even when the group was on an American race.

On April 17, YG’s girl group organized “Black Pink In Your Area” tour in Los Angeles, USA. This is the first stop in Black Pink’s North American tour. According to the report, the concert attracted about 15,000 fans, receiving a lot of positive response from international fans.

Many newspapers have written about the/their concerts, in which a Billboard post is controversial in Blink – Black Pink’s fan. According to the author, Black Pink’s solo performances are “a little embarrassing”. Billboard journalist underestimated Rosé and Jiso’s performance, calling Lisa’s cover dance stage “boring”. The point was, the article talked up Jennie’s solo stage with a comment: “Only Jennie is confident with her performance. It’s not hard to understand why Jennie was the first member of the group got a solo song “.

It was worth noting that, this opinion is contrary to the reaction of many American fans after the concert. In fact, Lisa’s dance cover stage Swalla (Jason Derulo) received many positive comments from American fans. Many fancam posted on Youtube, Twitter … attracted hundreds of thousands of views, showing that Lisa had created a craze with the audience watching the concert.

Many comments that were sent to Billboard “Calling Lisa’s dace cover “boring” when it is gotten viral over 10 times already with millions of views..ok”. “Yo the disrespect… coming from Billboard, this article is awful. Writer, you are in no position to say those things, its obvious there’s a lack of research, totally unprofessional. Ji-soo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa did amazing”, “Obviously he was not able to watch the concert. Someone who was not able to watch the concert is writing about the concert. How irrelevant, disappointing, comical, boring and very uncomfortable. Step up your writing dude!” “Maybe Ji-soo and Rosé’s performance is not in the audience, but why can Lisa’s performance be boring?” …

Meanwhile, some fans also gave a “hypothesis” that YG had asked their US media relations to continue “supporting Jennie”. Earlier at Coachella Music Festival, Jennie was also the only member of Black Pink to perform solo, appeared in the introductory video and received the most amount of time on screen. Lisa’s fan suggested that Jennie was favored during their activities in the US. That’s not fair to the other 3 members.

Black Pink is still continuing their schedule in the US. After the Los Angeles concert, the group will appear at some radios and television shows to promote.

Sources: Billboard, ione

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