“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Joo Jong Hyuk makes a surprise confession that he has been living together with another actor for 8 years without anyone knowing 

Joo Jong Hyuk surprises everyone with this confession. 

Actor Joo Jong Hyuk, who started acting at the age of 25 and turned 31 after 8 years of debut, gained great popularity with the famous villainous character Tactician Kwon, Kwon Min Woo in ENA’s popular drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. He recently appeared on SBS’s entertainment show “My Little Old Boy” on September 18th, and reported his current situation after the drama ended.

In particular, he said that in the group chat room of the cast of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, as the official communication king, Kang Ki Young is the person he communicates with the most. 

Also on the show, Joo Jong Hyuk revealed that he and his close actor hyung have been living together like a married couple for 8 years. When asked by the MCs if living together has ever felt uncomfortable, Joo Jong Hyuk said, “Even though we’ve lived together for 8 years, we’ve never had a fight. The house is our own space and we care for each other.”

Regarding the reaction of his family after he blew up with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, he said, “I don’t express myself well because my family is unfamiliar. I was treated to a lot of meals.” Then he replied sensibly, “Still, I was prepared to buy meat for my parents first.”

Joo Jong Hyuk, who went to study in New Zealand in his third year of middle school, returned to Korea while attending Auckland Technical University and was working as a bartender.

He started acting after filming chase scenes and CG scenes and became a full-fledged actor by appearing in independent films. He signed a contract with BH Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Joo Jong Hyuk, who is scheduled to release a movie next year, said, “It’s a kendo movie. I learned kendo for several months and worked hard.”

Source: daum

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