Having the 1% rare blood type, Park Eun-bin is enjoying the popularity created by her passion and responsibility

Actress Park Eun-bin is gaining syndrome-level popularity through the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 

Park Eun-bin increased the drama’s immersion by perfectly portraying her character Woo Young-woo, an attorney who has both a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder. Said to have met another lifetime character in her acting career, Park Eun-bin also helped the drama set new rating records for its channel. The rating of the recent episode soared to 15.8% (nationwide). The broadcast reached 18.1% in Seoul area with a real-time peak of 20.0%. In the 2049 chart, the drama maintained its own highest rating record of 8.0%, ranking #1 among dramas on all channels. 

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Starting with 0.9% in the first broadcast of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” on June 29th, the drama recorded 1.8% in episode 2, 4% in episode 3, 5.2% in episode 4, 9.1% in episode 5, 9.6% in episode 6, 11.7% in episode 7 and 13.1% in episode 8. With its rapid increase in viewer ratings, the drama is becoming more and more popular like a syndrome.

Above all, Park Eun-bin also topped the brand reputation ranking of celebrities thanks to the recent “Woo Young-woo” craze. According to the result of the big data analysis on stars’ brand reputation in July 2022, Park Eun-bin ranked No.1, followed by No.2 Son Heung-min and No.3 Lim Young-woong. 

Park Eun-bin did not gain such huge popularity overnight. In fact, the actress’ strong will and responsibility have always been praised along with her achievements.

A Youtube video released by Park Eun-bin’s agency Namoo Actors revealed the reason why Park Eun-bin pays much attention and takes great care of her health. Having the A negative blood type, which is a rare RH blood type, Park Eun-bin has been especially careful about her health and safety since she was young.

According to the Korean Red Cross, only 0.3% of the total population in Korea have RH- blood types. This number also accounts for about 1% of Asians.

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The actress shared, “Since I’ve been working hard since the age of 5, I have a high standard for safety. I didn’t go to the swimming pool in summer because I was afraid of getting eye disease. I didn’t go to ski resorts in winter to avoid getting hurt and injuries”, adding “I’ve always kept the idea that I should never get hurt or cause troubles during the filming period”.

She continued, “I lived like that every day. I’ve never had a vacation and even if I have one, I would never go somewhere far. I did it on purpose.

As such, the popularity of Woo Young-woo didn’t come to Park Eun-bin out of the blue. It was possible thanks to Park Eun-bin’s responsibility for 24 years since her debut in 1998.

It was Park Eun-bin who gave up on her short vacation so as not to cause any damage to the filming process that was done and joined by hundreds of staff. It was not just because of her rare blood type, but also because she was full of affection and responsibility for her role, her work, and the people he worked with.

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Park Eun-bin’s sincerity can be seen more clearly through her acting as Woo Young-woo. Although the success of the character is the result of her efforts, Park Eun-bin attributed it to the surrounding staff, saying that they made it possible for her to act freely.

“Woo Young-woo” sensation did not happen out of a sudden and attention is also focused on how far actress Park Eun-bin will grow in the future. 

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