Big Hit apologizes for its laxity which affects BTS fan meeting event

Big Hit Entertainment is being criticized for its laxity in responding to fan regarding the fan event.

On June 5, Big Hit posted its fifth official global fan meeting “BTS 5TH MUSTER [MAGIC SHOP]” fan event through its group BTS’ official fan cafe.

BTS will host their fifth fan meeting on June 15-16 at Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium and on June 22-23 at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

Big Hit apologizes for its laxity which affects BTS fan meeting event

In response, BTS’ fan community has been in touch with a fanclub manager of BTS’ agency – Big Hit – since early April with the intention to host some fan events during the fan meeting. After discussing and deciding about making slogans through fundraising among fans, the fan representative asked Big Hit via e-mail about the quantity needed to proceed with the slogan event and whether other events could be carried out apart from the slogan.

Big Hit, however, reportedly didn’t answer the e-mail for a whole full month and only responded that it needs a total of 86,000 paper slogans when there is only two weeks left to the fanmeeting. The slogan is estimated to cost about 10 million won to produce, and the fan community, which has been unable to complete the fund-raising due to the Big Hit’s late response, said it would be difficult to proceed with the event.

Big Hit apologizes for its laxity which affects BTS fan meeting event

A number of fans recently asked for feedback from Big Hit on the reason for the delay in mail reply through its official fan cafe.

We apologize for the lack of communication with the fan association that has been arranging the fan events for us,” Big Hit said in an official statement. “We fully understand that the fan association in charge of the event was having difficulties in preparing for the event, and we believe that the fan event should be carried out even with a support from Big Hit.

We are going to review all the fan events which are troubled by the fundraising problem and come up with a plan,” Big Hit said. “We apologize for causing concern to our fans. We will make every effort for the rest of the preparing time to make a more enjoyable and memorable memory for fans who are waiting for this event.

Even after Big Hit’s announcement of its official position, fans continue to criticize them. The apology didn’t address the full problem but only feedback to selective problems. There was no explanation to why did they reply the e-mail so late, or what is the exact standard for fan events. Also, this apology from Big Hit gives the impression that the fan event is on the verge of collapse due to “cost” issues, not the “time” reason.

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