Park Bo Young shares photos taken on the set of her new drama “Daily Dose of Sunshine”

Park Bo Young revealed her recent whereabouts after a long time. 

On August 23rd, actress Park Bo Young posted new photos of her on her personal Instagram. In the photos, Park Bo Young is holding a tumbler with a sticker that reads, “Today, Doctor Soo will pay.” This is presumably the coffee prepared by actress Lee Jung Eun, Park Bo Young’s co-star in the upcoming drama “Daily Dose of Sunshine.”

Park Bo Young drew attention with her lovely and youthful appearance in a comfortable gray hooded zip-up. She also had her hair tied up elegantly in a low bun. This is also the first time fans could saw Park Bo Young’s character hairstyling in “Daily Dose of Sunshine”, where she portrays a nurse. 

Netizens left comments, “I’m so looking forward to seeing Park Bo Young in ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’, “You’re really pretty”, “She finally posted a post after a long time”, “Please update your Instagram more often.” 

park bo young

Park Bo Young is currently filming Netflix’s series “Daily Dose of Sunshine”, an adaptation of the webtoon of the same name. It follows Jung Da Eun (Park Bo Young), a nurse who first came to the department of mental health and meets different kinds of heartbroken poeple in a psychiatric ward. The drama is directed by PD Lee Jae Gyu, director of “All Of Us Are Dead”.  

park bo young

Park Bo Young’s character Jung Da Eun transferred from the department of internal medicine to mental health. Although she is clumsy and faces difficulties at work, she is a person who matures courageously by treating patients with sincerity.

Source: wikitree

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