Big Bang’s Daesung Listed Teddy, JinuSean, BLACKPINK, 2NE1 As Artists With Least Contribution To YG’s Success

Big Bang’s Daesung, a group, appeared on the "Narak Quiz Show."

Big Bang’s Daesung appeared as a guest in the latest episode of “Narak Quiz Show,” a show on YouTube by the channel “Psick Univ,” which was released on February 10th. The “Narak Quiz Show” is a content that creates laughter by asking guests sensitive questions that could be controversial and creating an environment in which guests have no choice but to answer.

In this episode, Daesung suffered several crises. He was asked about the celebrity he wanted to see the most and answered, to which he answered monk Ryan Bongsuk Joo. He was later asked “GD’s next album should target which market, Cambodia or North Korea?” and confessed, “It’s not my album, so I can’t answer it.”

One of the most sensitive questions is, “List the teams with the lowest contribution to YG Entertainment’s success in order.” “Teddy, JinuSean, BLACKPINK, and 2NE1” were selected in order, drawing attention.

Source: MyDaily

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