BTS’s Jungkook said he wanted to be reborn as a BTS member rather than an ARMY aim recent Q&A session on Instagram 

BTS Jungkook’s witty answers captivated global fans.

On April 1, Jungkook played a “balance game” (a game that provides 2 answers to choose for each question) by exchanging questions and answers with fans through his Instagram’s “Ask Anything” function.

BTS Jungkook

On this day, Jungkook said he was hot and bored during his COVID-19 quarantine in the United States. Jungkook said, “Let’s play a balance game. Please ask me a question. I’m bored,” he said, suggesting playing the balance game and having a good time with his fans.

Jungkook answered a variety of questions. The singer chose romantic movies in “romantic movies vs horror movies,” singing in “singing vs dancing,” winter in “summer vs winter,” cherry blossom in “autumn leaves vs cherry blossoms.”

bts jungkook

To the question, “What if you have a superpower? Tears turn into diamonds vs urine turns into gold,” he said, “Forever tears turn into diamonds, and tears of joy can be shed every day. I will cry every day. This, I’m going to drink water and cry every day!” and “A Business Proposal vs. Twenty-five Twenty-one,” he answered tactfully, “Twenty-five businesses Twenty-one proposals.”

Referring to the recent debate over if a girl should be ok if her boyfriend helps his female friend take off sesame leaves (a kind of leaves that’s a little difficult to take off to eat during Korean meals), Jungkook was asked, “ARMY takes off other idols’ sesame leaves vs other idols take off ARMY’s sesame leaves.” Jungkook said, “Let’s not just eat sesame leaves. Huh?” he answered firmly, showing a unique sense of humor.

BTS Jungkook

In addition, as for “living as BTS vs. living as ARMY when you are born again,” Jungkook said, “The answer is set. I could only meet you guys when I was born again as BTS, so I’m living as BTS again,” which impressed his fans. Jungkook also showed off his taste in answering questions about food carefully.

Jungkook chose to drink beer over soju, banana milk over pizza, gimbap over bibimbap, pork belly over ribs, tteokbokki over fish cake, eating for a day over sleeping for a day, saying, “There are so many delicious things in the world!”

In addition, when asked about dancing and singing, he explained, “To be honest, dancing is more fun than singing these days, but overall, I think it’s singing.”

BTS Jungkook

Fans responded, “Jungkook’s voice is so good. Jungkook’s Instagram is so witty, exciting, and cool.” “Jungkook’s Instagram is so charming.” “Jungkook is so honest and cute.” “Don’t eat sesame leaves.” “Jungkook’s balance game is so cute.” 

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s Instagram showed his global superstar popularity with 36.18 million followers.

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