Being the victim of racist comments in the past, but BLACKPINK’s Lisa has gradually won the hearts of K-netizens?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is one of the most outstanding foreign K-pop idols, but this also comes with hardships. 

It’s not uncommon for foreign Kpop idols to be discriminated against by Korean netizens. In particular, BLACKPINK’s Lisa used to be the one who suffered the most from malicious comments on Korean online communities. However, recently, it seems that the Thai female idol has drawn more empathy from the Korean public. The proof is that BLACKPINK’s maknae constantly appears in the Top 10 of MelOn’s real-time search.

Racism towards BLACKPINK Lisa
Lisa is gaining more love from Korean fans. 

MelOn is Korea’s biggest online music streaming platform. Therefore, Lisa’s songs entering the Top 10 real-time search reflect the interest of Korean listeners in Lisa’s solo releases. 

Racism towards BLACKPINK Lisa
Lisa constantly appears on MelOn’s real time search 

Korean netizens have long been known to show unfavorable attitudes towards Lisa, compared to the other 3 members of BLACKPINK, who are all Koreans. Many international fans think this is because Lisa is a Southeast Asian idol. Specifically, in the past, she often faced malicious comments from Korean netizens on her appearance. 

Racism towards BLACKPINK Lisa
Korean netizens often left negative comments on Lisa 

The peak of outrage of Lisa’s fans was when the female idol attended the 33rd Golden Disc Awards and wore an off-the-shoulder top. Korean netizens body shamed Lisa, saying “without makeup, she would just look like an ordinary Thai girl”. Fans then stood up for Lisa and demanded Korean netizens to “respect Lisa”.

Racism towards BLACKPINK Lisa
Lisa received hateful comments when wearing an off-the-shoulder top. 

At that time, Lisa’s close friend Bambam (GOT7) directly spoke up to protect BLACKPINK’s maknae. The male idol shared, “Even if some people don’t notice it, time will prove her good heart and kind nature. Lisa knows everyone’s love and support for her. She asked me to say this to the fans if I had the chance. She wanted to say thank you for all the love and support.”

Racism towards BLACKPINK Lisa
Bambam and Lisa are famous best friends.  

When BLACKPINK made a comeback last year and Lisa was the only one with rap verses in Ice Cream and How You Like That, Korean netizens expressed their dissatisfaction.  Many netizens think that the Thailand-born idol did not deserve to get “biased treatment” from YG, causing fans to jump to Lisa’s defense, saying she is actually the most mistreated member by the company. 

Racism towards BLACKPINK Lisa

Currently, when looking at posts about Lisa on Korean online communities, various positive comments can be seen. With her outstanding visuals, talent, hard work and sweet personality, Lisa has succeeded in winning the hearts of many Korean fans. 


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