Sung-hoon’s frugal tendency that even Kim Jong-kook, who only uses one slip of toilet paper each time, acknowledged

Actor Sung-hoon showed off his unique frugal spirit in front of Kim Jong-kook, the frugal CEO of the entertainment industry.

On May 17th, KBS2’s “Problem Child in House” production team announced that Sung-hoon (40) will appear as a guest in the 178th episode, which will air at 8:30 p.m. on May 18th.

In the recent recording, Sung-hoon drew attention by showing off his frugality which is as extreme as MC Kim Jong-kook (47).

kim jong kook

When asked if he is as much a ‘saving king’ as Kim Jong-kook, Sung-hoon confessed, “Jong-kook is more of a diligent and frugal person, while I’m not quite trying to save anything, I’m just not really materialistic.” He then said, “I buy daily necessities, but I rarely spend money on clothes, skincare, and cars,” and drew attention by saying, “Most of my expenses are on supplies for my dogs or food expenses.”

kim jong kook

Asked what the biggest “flex” he recently did for himself, Sung-hoon replied that he bought a “gaming mouse” that is worth 100,000 won. Sung-hoon boasted of this small spending, saying, “It’s a wireless mouse, but it feels good to use as I have only used wired mouses,” showing off his “frugal” side comparable to Kim Jong-guk.

kim jong kook

Sung-hoon’s goal of not spending much money is to get his own house. Sung-hoon, who said he is still living on a monthly rent, expressed his desire for a house of himself, saying, “I think the feeling of a rented house and a space that is mine only are different.”

kim jong kook

On the other hand, singer Kim Jong-kook is so frugal that he confessed that he had used only a piece of tissue in the toilet in the past.

Recently, Kim Jong-kook has appeared on several broadcasts and showed how he recycled wet wipes several times by washing them.

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