Being accused of “copying” the name of BLACKPINK, the female rapper fired back at anti-fans

This female rapper explained very convincingly, making the anti-fans unable to arrest her.

Giant Pink is a relatively familiar name to the Korean hip-hop fan community, she is famous for her skillful rapping skills and her straightforward attitude.  Because Giant Pink’s stage name has the word “Pink”, many anti-fans once claimed that this female rapper “imitated” the name of BLACKPINK, but she was not afraid to respond to haters.

Giant Pink Blackpink1

When appearing on the show Reply Night, Giant Pink once read malicious comments that she plagiarized the group name BLACKPINK.  Seeing that, she immediately said that she debuted before BLACKPINK, so it is impossible to copy the name of the YG girl group. She claimed, “I don’t agree! BLACKPINK are my juniors!”

Moreover, Giant Pink also explained that many artists use the word “Pink” in their stage names.  Accordingly, the female rapper said Apink as the beginning (They debuted in 2011), her as the middle, and BLACKPINK to follow.

“Apink came first, then Giant Pink, then BLACKPINK! That’s the order! I’m just the middle pink! I’m just a rapper pink who is in between two hit idol groups.” — Giant Pink said.

Giant Pink’s explanation is not only reasonable but also extremely convincing.  The real female rapper is Park Yun Ha, born in 1991. She debuted through the show Show Me The Money 5 in May 2016, while it was not until August of the same year that BLACKPINK debuted.

Not only appeared at Show Me The Money 5, Giant Pink also participated in the rap contest Unpretty Rapstar 3 and won.  Currently, she works under the hip-hop company AIKM under SM Entertainment.

Sources: kenh14

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