Brand New Music defends male idol accused of harassing TWICE Chaeyoung, threatens to sue

The agency of YOUNITE Hyunseung, who was accused of sexual harrassing TWICE Chaeyoung, spoke up about the incident. 

On August 19th, a photo, said to have been posted by YOUNITE Hyunseung prior to his debut, started to spread across the net. The photo contains sexual harrassment towards TWICE Chaeyoung, so soon enough, the male idol was drown in criticism and demands to leave the group. 


At the face of this issue, YOUNITE’s agency, Brand New Music, gave their official stance, where they denied the accusations and threatened to sue. 

The full statement of Brand New Music is as below: 

“Hello, this is Brand New Music. 

The recently spreaded photo of one of our artists on SNS was maliciously edited. 

Therefore, we will carry out strong legal measures against the distribution of false information, defamation, as well as other malicious intentions towards our artists. Please report and send these actions via our email. 

We would like to thank fans for your continued love and support, and asked for your cooperation regarding this incident. Brand New Music will continue to work hard to protect the rights and benefits of our artists.

Thank you.”


However, many netizens remain suspicious of Brand New Music’s claims, pointing out that if the controversial image was edited, then they need the original photo. Some also said that there’s no reason for anyone to target YOUNITE, as they are a rookie group. 

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