Kei denied dating Kim Jun-su, indirectly mentioned the rumor “Don’t think about anything and focus on me”

While both Kim Jun-su and Kei claimed the romance rumor groundless, Kei indirectly conveyed her feelings to fans.

On August 19th, Kei posted on her Instagram Story, “Lovelinus! I’ll make you happier than anyone else tomorrow. Don’t think about anything and just focus on Kei. That’s enough. Make sure to bring your lunch and umbrella tomorrow!”

Kei’s solo fan meeting “From.Kei” will be held at Gurumare theatre in Mapo-gu, Seoul, at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on August 20th.

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A day before her fan meeting, Kei got mentioned in a rumor where she is said to be dating Kim Jun-su, her senior and the founder of her agency Palm Tree Island. However, the agency said, “No, not at all. This is completely groundless,” immediately denying the dating rumor.

Kim Joon-soo also said on his Instagram story, “I have sometimes seen absurd or unfair articles in my life due to my work as a celebrity, but I have definitely seen the most absurd article today,” adding, “I respect and is still very careful around her as she is someone who was also an idol, my colleague at work and a respectful actress, but this will make us even more awkward. I’m sorry taht Kei’s fans have to see such an absurd article from the morning, and I also want to tell my fans not to worry about it today,” he said.

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Kei also seems to have relieved her fans who are worried by indirectly conveying her feelings and asking them to focus on her only without thinking about anything.

Kei signed an exclusive contract with Palm Tree Island in January and recently appeared in the musical “Death Note.”

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