Kim Junsu about dating rumors with Lovelyz Kei: “I’m a former idol, so i’m very careful”

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu (JYJ and former DBSK) firmly showed his stance on recent dating rumors. 

On August 19th, Kim Junsu (also known as Xiah) clarified about his alleged relationship with former Lovelyz member Kei via his Instagram story. It is known that Kim Junsu and Kei share the same agency – Palm Tree Island.

In particular, Kim Junsu wrote: “I have been a celebrity for a long time, and there have been occasions where absurd or unfair articles spreaded about me, but this rumor has become the most absurd one as of today.” 

He continued: “I got to know Kei as we share a company, and I’m a former idol so I’m very careful. Nevertheless, we still talk respectfully, but thanks to this rumor, things are going to be awkward between us.” 

Finally, he added: “I’m sorry for letting fans of Kei hear such ridiculous articles from the morning. I want to tell everyone not to worry about it today.” 

Earlier on the same day, a media site reported that Kim Junsu and Kei are carefully nurturing a romantic relationship by supporting and relying on each other’s activities at the same agency.

However, their agency affirmed that the article “is clearly groundless”, and Kim Junsu seems to have affirmed this statement by calling the rumor “absurd” via this Instagram.

Source: wikitree

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