BTS Jin suddenly appeared as a staff of Nexon, “I asked them to pay me as much as Big Hit…”

BTS Jin, who suddenly joined Nexon as a new employee, revealed the reason why he left the company.

On August 16th, the first episode of “Mapler Kim Seok-jin” was released on the Youtube channel of Maple Story Korea, in which BTS Jin got a job at Nexon as a new intern, drawing attention.

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Jin had an interview with the Nexon staff first. He proudly passed the exam, showing his eloquence and affection for Map Story. Eventually, he got accepted into Nexon and proudly wore the employee ID card on his neck.

He learned various tasks as a new intern. While eating with his boss, Jin also showed off his “full-level” social skill.

bts jin

“Mapler Kim Seok-jin” was quite different from what Jin has shown on stage, due to which fans can sympathize and have fun watching Jin at work.

One fan told on Weverse on August 18th, “I have watched all the videos of this series. I could see that he was very serious and cared a lot about his PPT and presentation. Seok-jin did a great job. Don’t quit your job at Nexon.”

bts jin

Jin replied in this post, updating the current situation of the new intern at Nexon.

He confessed, “I was kicked out because I failed to negotiate my salary.” The reason was, “I asked them to pay me as much as Big Hit.”

Netizens all agreed, saying that he had no choice but to be kicked out.

bts jin

The comment section is full of reactions such as “Let’s work hard as a singer,” “Nexon can’t help it,” and “Watching office worker Jin was fun.”

Source: dispatch

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