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“People seduce each other like this”… BIBI describes the different moods at clubs in Itaewon, Gangnam and Hongdae

Singer BIBI explained how clubs differ according to where they are located.

On August 17th, a video cut of TVing’s “Witch Hunt 2022” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Diggle”. The story in this episode was about meeting someone at a club and showing green light to them.

The panelists then talked about various things related to going clubbing.

BIBI said, “Clubs in Gangnam, Hongdae, and Itaewon are slightly different from each other”, pointing out the characteristics of clubs according to regions. 

First of all, BIBI mentioned clubs in Itaewon. She said, “I will enjoy the atmosphere while pretending to listen to music”, showing a light dance and a rather sassy expression. 

Describing the mood at Itaewon clubs, she said, “It’s like I’m here just to listen to music or I’m a person in mid-20s who enjoys this thing”.

BIBI then pointed out that the vibe is different in Gangnam. She acted like some successful men and women. Making a comparison with clubs in Itaewon, BIBI drew laughter when she said that people go to Gangnam to find their “mates”.

In the case of Hongdae, she pointed out that the age range of people going to clubs has decreased dramatically.

BIBI hesitated and shook her body timidly. The mood in Hongdae clubs is like “I’ve just turned 20 and this is my first time coming to a club…”. The panelists burst out laughing seeing BIBI’s detailed explanation.

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