Behind the Scenes of Song Joong Ki’s “Hopeless” Premiere at the 76th Cannes Film Festival 

“Hopeless” has concluded its official schedule of the Cannes International Film Festival with great success. 

“Hopeless” is a noir drama that depicts the story of a boy named Yeon Gyu (Hong Sa Bin) who wants to escape from a hellish reality and ends up getting involved with a mid-level boss of an organization named Chi Geon (Song Joong Ki).


“Hopeless” has released behind-the-scenes stills capturing the vibrant atmosphere of the local scene. The first public appearance of actors Hong Sa Bin, Song Joong Ki, Kim Hyung Seo (Bibi), and Jung Jae Kwang freely wandering the streets of Cannes in France captures the attention.

Against the backdrop of clear skies and exotic landscapes, the sight of the cast wearing “Hopeless” team t-shirts showcases their heartwarming teamwork, raising expectations for the unique chemistry they will radiate in the film.

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In another still, the actors gather in front of the Debussy Theater to greet the fans before entering the world premiere, giving a real sense of the high global interest in “Hopeless.”

The moments of Hong Sa Bin, Song Joong Ki, Kim Hyung Seo, and director Kim Chang Hoon on the red carpet also leave a deep impression.


Hong Sa Bin, Song Joong Ki, Kim Hyung Seo, and director Kim Chang Hoon responded with relaxed smiles to the pouring flash photography and enthusiastic press coverage.

The sight of the actors enjoying the atmosphere of the Cannes Film Festival under the refreshing weather conveys a pleasant energy, captivating the hearts of the audiences.

Hong Sa Bin, a rookie attracting global attention through a lead role in “Hopeless,” expressed his impression of attending his first Cannes International Film Festival, saying, “It was truly an honor to be able to visit such a magnificent place. It’s all thanks to the support of many people. I will continue to prepare diligently until the release. Thank you.”

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Song Joong Ki, who surprised global audiences with an unprecedented new look, said, “Every moment at Cannes is a valuable experience that I want to remember for a long time. Thank you for welcoming ‘Hopeless,’ and I sincerely thank everyone who enjoyed it with us. It was a time to gain new energy. I hope to meet the audience soon. Please anticipate Hopeless’ a lot!

Hopeless Song joong ki

Kim Hyung Seo, who played Ha Yan,the younger sister of Yeon Gyu, impressed with her mature acting beyond her status as a rookie actress, expressed a special impression, saying, “I had a great time, and I would like to thank everyone who accompanied me at the Cannes Film Festival. It was an honor. I will cherish this moment and be proud of it.

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After its world premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival, “Hopeless” continues to capture the attention of audiences worldwide. It heralds the birth of a deep and intense noir Korean film that depicts the stories of characters living in different ways in a hopeless world.

Source: Daum. 

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