Behind Story Of BTS RM’s Donation To the Korean Society of Legal Medicine Revealed

BTS RM’s 100-million-won donation to the Korean Society of Legal Medicine turns out to be a promise with Professor Lee Ho

On October 1st, tvN’s “The Mysterious Dictionary of Useless Miscellaneous Human Knowledge” uploaded a behind-the-scenes Shorts video on YouTube.

The video shows the staff moving around to prepare the set during the break. At that time, RM carefully said to Professor Lee Ho, who is a forensic scientist and professor at Chonbuk National University, “I actually donate every year on my birthday. I’ve always donated to the fields that I know, such as culture and arts. However, I felt so touched hearing your words today so I wonder if there is any way for me to contribute a donation to forensic science on my upcoming birthday.”

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Professor Lee Ho replied, “There is. If you donate to the Society of Legal Medicine, we will recruit young forensic scientists for overseas training. That would be a big help”. 

RM shyly said, “Still, my birthday is in September”. Professor Shim Chae-kyung smiled and commented, “You’re so cool. Professor Lee Ho must be so proud”.

Professor Lee Ho emotionally shared, “I’m feeling so happy. Because we share the same idea. My wish has finally come true.”

On the show, Professor Lee Ho talked about the poor environment of forensic training and confessed that the number of active forensic scientists and the recruitment rate of new forensic scientists were very low. As a result, BTS’s RM really kept his promise and spread his good influence on his birthday months later. He donated 100 million won to the Korean Society of Legal Medicine on September 27th.

bts rm

Regarding his donation, RM explained, “I heard the process of training a forensic scientist is very difficult. I understand and agree with the importance of forensic science and sincerely respect those who are doing forensic science work with a good sense of duty. I hope this will help the training of forensic scientists and support the development of the forensic society”.

Praising RM for his donation, Professor Shim Chae-kyung said, “During the shooting break, our MC Nam-joon (RM’s real name) discussed the story Professor Lee Ho shared and made a promise on the set. I saw that with my eyes. His eyes, expressions, and attitudes were very sincere”, adding “I respect Nam-joon and want to applaud him for being considerate about what he can do with his warm heart”.

As the behind video was released, netizens once again poured compliments on RM.

Source: Nate

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