As Han Ga In rids off her “mysterious image”, her family grows worried?

Actress Han Ga In’s frequent appearances on TV programs are so witty they cause her family to sigh. 

In an episode of SBS entertainment show “My Little Old Boy”, which will air on November 20th, Han Ga In, who is called “the original nation’s first love”, will appear and deliver an unstoppable honest talk.

In a recent recording, Han Ga In overwhelmed all eyes with her unchanging appearance from the moment she appeared. The actress was then greeted with warm welcomes from everyone at the filming site. 

han ga in my little old boy

Han Ga In, who has been active in various entertainment programs, aroused curiosity by confessing that her family has become more worried as she makes more appearances. Apparently, they show concerns after every word Han Ga In said is covered in the news. 

After hearing that I will appear on ‘My Little Old Boy’, my mother tried to stop me, asking, ‘can you not go on broadcast?’”, the actress said, causing everyone to laugh. 

han ga in my little old boy

In addition, Han Ga In drew attention by revealing the secret of maintaining an unchanging love life for 17 years with her husband Yeon Jung Hoon. Han Ga In, who said, “I have a natural talent for push and pull to the extent that Yeon Jung Hoon calls me ‘push and pull genius'”. She then roused curiosity by revealung a push and pull method called “3 cold 4 warm”.

Besides, the studio turned upside down as Han Ga In revealed, “Yeon Jung Hoon still makes corny remarks like ‘I need to purify my eyes’ whenever he comes back home after going outside.” It raises questions about what Han Ga In’s push and pull method that captivated her husband Yeon Jung Hoon is.

han ga in

The unexpected charm of Han Ga In, who captured the cast members of “My Little Old Boy” with her honest and outspoken wit, can be seen in the full episode, which will be released at 9:05 PM (KST) on November 20th. 

Source: daum

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