BTS is expected to have a Grammy 2021 nomination: Why are fans not happy?

BTS is likely to be nominated for a Grammy, but many BTS fans are dissatisfied with this prediction. 

Recently, BTS officially won No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the song ‘Dynamite’ released on August 21. This achievement is not only a new chapter of Kpop and Asian music in 57 years, but also makes the world media praise. Winning No.1 Hot 100 is not easy for any boy groups in the world, it proves that BTS can overcome all limits and prejudices to achieve success.

After winning No.1 Hot 100, many people began to think about the group’s next goal. And they all have the same thought: Grammy. BTS also recently mentioned their Grammy goals, but as a group that performs on stage rather than receiving awards. BTS used to be able to sing at this prestigious stage, but just as a ‘cameo’ of hit ‘Old Town Road.’

However, the group’s limit is perhaps more than that: Any music artist dreams of being nominated and receiving the Grammy gold. Winning the award will probably be a long way off, but what about the nominated goal? Previously, the media repeatedly ‘ignored’ BTS in Grammy predictions, but with the recent No.1 Hot 100 of ‘Dynamite’, everything has completely changed.

HITS Daily Double recently published a prediction about one of the Grammy 2021 categories in ‘Rumor Mill’. HITS is a famous music news site in America, and especially ‘Rumor Mill’ is highly appreciated by many music experts and artists for its accurate, reliable and straightforward reviews. Therefore, when BTS’s name suddenly appeared in HITS’s article, it immediately received great attention, but instead of being happy, the ARMY fans of the group expressed their dissatisfaction.

Accordingly, HITS has posted a prediction of nominations for the ‘Best New Artist’ of the Grammy 2021. As usual, predictions are divided into 3 categories: The Locks (‘most certainly nominated’), Surging (‘possibly nominated’) and Not To Be Overlooked (‘Can also be considered’). BTS was ranked in the category ‘The Locks’ – almost certainly nominated as ‘Best New Artist’ for next year’s Grammy.

HITS describes: “K-Pop’s breakout septet have kicked down what appeared to be the last remaining door to superstardom with the smash ‘Dynamite’ (Big Hit/Columbia), and their abundant, infectious charm is the very definition of an ‘arrival’. Will Grammy anoint them?”

‘Best New Artist’ is one of the 4 most important categories of the Grammy Awards. Just being nominated in this category is considered recognized by experts. So why are ARMYs not happy to hear this? The problem is the category name: Should BTS be on the list of best new artists with 7 years of operation?

Even before this controversy, the press and the public had always wondered about the criteria for the Grammy’s ‘Best New Artist’ award.  However, according to the organizers, this has almost changed to ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ instead of a real rookie award. In 2014, Ed Sheeran was nominated as ‘Best New Artist’ despite being active since 2005.

The Grammy homepage explains: “Our Best New Artist category probably has the most complicated set of rules of any of our categories. Essentially, a “new artist” is defined for the GRAMMY process as any performing artist or established performing group who releases, during the eligibility year, the recording that first establishes the public identity of that artist or established group as a performer.”

Considering the above criteria, BTS can absolutely be nominated for the ‘Best New Artist’. However, many people still think that it is ridiculous to nominate BTS in this category because they have been famous for a few years ago with 4 albums reaching No.1 Billboard 200 and many other achievements.

Some insiders thought that if BTS was nominated for ‘Album of the year’ or ‘Song of the year’ it would be much more appropriate. If they nominate BTS as ‘Best New Artist’, it will be like the organizers want to ‘avoid’ letting Kpop groups having more worthy nominations. This is also the main reason why ARMYs are not happy, even if it’s a Grammy award.

Currently, with the success of BTS in the American music market, the group’s nomination in which Grammy category is a hot topic. Some people think that they should nominate a more suitable category, while others think it is a great honor to be nominated, not to mention that ‘Best New Artist’ is one of the four most important Grammy awards. 

What do you think of the nomination predictions for BTS at next year’s Grammy? Do you believe that with their current success, BTS will at least be nominated at a 2021 Grammy award?

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