ARMY’s hearts are melted when Cardi B sang “Boy With Luv” send some sweet words to BTS

An interesting and lovely moment that Cardi B has for BTS!

It seems that the meeting between Cardi B and BTS at the backstage of BBMAs yesterday has left many beautiful memories in the mind of the female rapper of “Bodak Yellow”. Today during her live stream on Instagram, Bardi had some nice words for BTS and even sang a little part of “Boy With Luv”.

…I always see them on Twitter. Yesterday, (Billboard Music Awards 2019 ceremony), every celebrity was there, and when BTS appeared they went crazy for them! At first, I didn’t know what they were singing about. They are very cute, they could dance, I like their music. I barely understand what they were saying, we even use a translating app. I like to learn about different cultures, I like to learn about different people, especially because they look at us and they support us so we gotta support them too!…“, Cardi B shared while live streaming on Instagram.

Although Cardi B didn’t understand the Korean lyrics, she can still feel the melody and was “conquered” by the talent of BTS boys, and even enjoys translating the song so that she can understand it.

Not only that, but Cardi B also sang along a short part of the chorus of “Boy With Luv”, making the audience extremely excited with her “unique” voice.

Cardi B sings a part of “Boy With Luv”.

It seems that with this situation, a collaboration product between BTS and Cardi B will be released soon. Earlier, the “rap queen of the new generation” in an interview also praised BTS. BTS member V was also “caught” singing along with the song “Money” in the 2019 Grammy Awards earlier this year. And sure enough, last night’s meeting in the backstage BBMAs between BTS and the couple Cardi B – Offset is not just an ordinary meeting!

BTS and rapper couple Cardi B – Offset at the backstage of the Billboard Music Awards 2019.

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