The 10 most popular K-pop idol groups on Weibo

These are the 10 Kpop idol groups currently that have high popularity on Weibo – the most famous social media platform in China.

One of the factors to gauge an artist’s popularity in China is data of  Weibo – the most popular social networking platform in China. 

In particular, Weibo’s super-topic is a very important metric that can represent the popularity of all artists, whether Chinese or foreign. Super-topic is a built-in fan community based on hashtags, number of super-topic followers, number of active fans, number of posts, number of views of super-thread, and more.

According to the recently announced super-topic data, let’s take a look at the 10 most popular Kpop groups on Weibo currently.

Note: The metrics include: number of posts on super-topic (millions) and number of super-topic views (billions). The ranking will be based on the sum of the two numbers above.

#10: APINK

Number of posts: 4.57 million

Number of views: 5.44 billion

Total: 10.01 billion


Number of posts: 4.87 million

Number of views: 7.61 billion

Total: 12.48 billion


Number of posts: 5.17 million

Number of views: 9.1 billion

Total: 14.27 billion

# 7: NCT

Number of posts: 5.88 million

Number of views: 8.71 billion

Total: 14.59 billion

#8: SHINee

Number of posts: 7.17 million

Number of views: 7.96 billion

Total: 15.13 billion


Number of posts: 7.76 million

Number of views: 12.72 billion

Total: 20.48 billion


Number of posts: 13.43 million

Number of views: 18.58 billion

Total: 32.01 billion

#3: SNSD

Number of posts: 18.52 million

Number of views: 21.39 billion

Total: 39.91 billion

#2: BTS

Number of posts: 4.27 million

Number of views: 62.5 billion

Total: 66.77 billion

#1: EXO

Number of posts: 55.77 million

Number of views: 65.68 billion

Total: 121.45 billion

Sources: tinnhac

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