Are two entertainment giants YG and SM planning an unannounced collaboration? 

Do you want to see a collaboration between YG and SM? 

Collaborations of K-pop artists from different companies are not uncommon. But for a long time, fans have been wondering what would happen if the two of the biggest entertainment companies, YG and SM, shook hands for a grand project. Without doubt, the reactions will be explosive. 

Recently, fans of SM and YG artists have noticed signs that individuals from these two companies are suddenly interacting more than usual. Accordingly, speculations are made as to whether there will be some kind of collaboration underway between SM and YG.

First, on July 11th, on his Instagram story, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon posted about the solo track “Dice” by SHINee’s Onew with a photo of 2 dice and Onew’s signature. Onew and G-Dragon have never had any interactions before. Fans believe that this is how G-Dragon YG showed respect for Onew’s work. There are also fans who suggest that G-Dragon was giving a clue to a possible collaboration between him and Onew.

YG’s official Twitter account recently liked a tweet about SHINee’s Key and Minho. SM’s Spotify account suddenly started following BLACKPINK. SM’s CEO Lee Sung Soo also followed YG artists such as TREASURE, BLACKPINK and G-Dragon on his personal Instagram.

Based on these, fans are theorizing that SM and YG are likely to work together for a project related to the movie “Elvis”. Because not long ago, G-Dragon posted about his meeting with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and director Baz Luhrmann. The director once shared his plan to ask artists to cover Elvis Presley’s song “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.  Baz also mentioned G-Dragon, Onew, and several other male idols in an April post comparing Elvis Presley’s enlistment period to the similar case of K-pop male artists.

Although no official confirmation has been made yet, fans are excited for a collaboration between SM and YG. They even left witty comments such as, “Who knows, WINNER’s Seunghoon and NCT’s Mark are about to confirm they are dating“, “YG is planning to merge with Kwangya”, “Maybe BLACKPINK and aespa will fight together against Black Mamba”,…

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