Amid his ‘private life’ scandal, Kim Seon-ho’s SNS followers continue to increase; fans trending #ITrustKimSeonHo

While Kim Seon-ho is still rumored to be the rising actor K who forced his ex to get an abortion, he has even gained more followers.

Through a live broadcast titled at 4 PM on October 18th, Youtuber Lee Jin-ho said, “The rising actor K is indeed Kim Seon-ho”. He claimed, “During an interview in early October, I heard that Kim Seon-ho was already in trouble with things related to his ex-girlfriend. The information that people in the industry knew matches with A’s article.” The Youtuber continued,Kim Seon-ho’s agency has a good relationship with the media. However, since the controversy broke out, all their employees cut off their contact. If the accusation is wrong, they should have issued a clarification. However, there is still no position from them.”

Since Kim Seon-hos name began to be mentioned all over the place, the brands for which he is modeling reacted to the situation immediately. They took down Kim Seon-ho’s photos and made his video private. Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho’s Instagram followers have increased even more. At 3 PM before Lee Jin-ho’s live broadcast began, the actor’s Instagram followers were 7.35 million. However, at 8 AM on October 19th, the number rose by about 30,000 to 7.38 million followers.

Fans flocked to Kim Seon-ho’s recent post and commented, “Oppa, it’s not you, right?”, “Fans will not believe in accusation without evidence. Even if the rumor is true, it’s just his private life”, “No official statement or evidence has been released yet. Why do you all keep pointing at Kim Seon-ho and curse him?”. Moreover, his fans have been showing support to him consistently by trending the hashtag #ItrustKimSeonHo.

On October 18th, Kim Seon-ho’s fans in DC Inside Gallery for Male Celebrities stated, “We cannot tolerate the fact that people are spreading groundless speculations. We will continue to track and monitor the criminal acts of those who defame him and destroy a man’s personality till the end. We will take all possible legal measures, including criminal prosecution and claim for civil damages with no mercy and tolerance.”

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