Amid controversy over the broadcasting score on “Music Bank”, netizens call for the exclusion of this category

KBS2’s music program “Music Bank” once again caused controversy over its ‘broadcasting score’.

On the broadcast of “Music Bank” on December 2nd, CSR’s “LOVETiCON” and Younha’s “Event Horizon”, which achieved impressive results after climbing backward on music charts, were selected as candidates for No.1.

The competition between Younha, who rose to the top of music charts without performing activities through word of mouth, and the idol group CSR, which has attracted keen attention by appearing on various broadcasts since their debut, was controversial due to the ‘broadcasting score’.


CSR got 0 points in digital music, physical album, and social media categories, 83 points in viewer preference, and 6324 points in broadcasting. Scoring 6407 points in total, the girl group beat Younha, who scored 4,486 points, to take the No.1 trophy.

In the case of Younha, she scored 3,587 points in digital music and 881 in viewer preference but was pushed to 2nd place because of the overwhelming broadcasting score achieved by CSR.

The same issue happened to singer Lim Young Woong, who also ranked 2nd on “Music Bank” broadcast on May 13th with high points in all categories except for the broadcasting score. 

Lim Young-woong

At that time, Lim Young Woong scored higher than LE SSERAFIM in digital music and physical album. However, he gained 0 points in broadcasting and ended up in 2nd place with 7035 points in total, behind LE SSERAFIM with 7,881 points. The result was unreasonable compared to Lim Young Woong’s explosive performance of dominating No.1 on all other music programs at that time. 

Therefore, viewers criticized the music broadcaster for abuse of power and score manipulation, then requested a transparent disclosure of “Music Bank” score calculation method. 

During the process of explaining, KBS raised further controversy. They claimed that Lim Young Woong’s song “If We Ever Meet Again” was not broadcast on KBS TV, radios, or digital content, but changed their position after the song was found out to have appeared on radio shows during the counting time for broadcasting score. 

Music Bank

In the end, viewers’ accusations against KBS led to a police investigation that is still underway.

The fact that CSR beat Younha with only the broadcasting score and won 1st place was similar to the controversy in the past. Therefore, many netizens in online communities are not only requesting clearer standards for the broadcasting score but also demanding the broadcasting score be excluded from the ranking calculation. 

Source: Nate

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